Image by Augustine Wong

You've done it! Now what?

That's where we com in:

Image by Yasmine Boheas

So after what feels like a lifetime of scrolling, you've done it - you've won the grand prize, found the golden ticket, got your unicorn; It's a pin that encapsulates everything you ever wanted! But how the heck do you take a pin and turn it into an actual room? Where do you even start? The answer is simple: With Lakho Done It Yourself (see what we did there).




How it works


1. Share a link to your dream room and list everything you need in it.

2. We'll send you a design proposal.

3. When you're happy, we'll manufacture, deliver, install and style your new room.


Our fee

In line with the “South African Institute of the Interior Design Profession’s Guidelines” (IID) our professional fee is 15% of the final total-project value.


4. Please share your contact deets so we can contact you to confirm everything

Shall we do it? Go on...