We always look our best.

We might say, "We just threw it together!"But that's not entirely true.

We like having people over ;)

We love sleeping in.

We enjoy making people feel at home.

So please don't make us play outside, even if it's a pearler.

We always support the local small business community of which we are proudly a dedicated part.

A short story  

about a boy and his bedroom.

A boy has just finished moving into a new bedroom, in a Green Point apartment. With a smile on his face, he looks at his double bed, bedded with blue and white chequered, hand-me-down linen, originally sewed by his grandmother; an upside-down wooden crate, found on the side of the road, acting as a bedside table; and a shiny new lamp precariously balanced on the crate - it's not much, but it's spacious, it's bright...And it's home.

Six years go by and the boy, now a young man, walks into the same apartment, the same room, but is greeted by something very different. Beautiful, white bed linen...Rich, bottle green velvet cushions...A hand-woven throw...All these now cover the generous, queen-sized bed; which is flanked by strong, hand-welded, squared, black steel side tables, atop which sit opulently oversized glass vases brimming with luscious, verdant delicious monsters. Opposite stands a stately server, crafted from a single piece of exquisitely grained wood paired with a contemporary, jet-black chair. Above, two striking large white frames hang, setting off their detailed pencil prints,  celebrating South African artistry. The room is draped in soft tones as sunlight seeps in through ceiling-to-floor length linen curtains, accenting the glistening, silver Nguni hide that brings a welcoming soft step out of bed. Finally, the young man is happy to be home.

He takes a moment to reflect on his bedroom decor accomplishments. It took six years for my bedroom to look like this, he thinks to himself, six years of constant pinning, insta stalking, hashtag following, marketplace scrolling, mall-walking, sales trolling, bargain hunting, mind changing, furniture returning, flea market hustling and unnecessary card swiping! 


Why isn't there a website that could offer you a wide range of beautiful bedrooms that you could just choose from and have delivered to you.

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